I’m enchanted with the elements of collaboration: the chemistry of productive teams, the science of lean workflows, the art of applied curiosity, the magic of compound creativity. The power of collaboration holds the key to solving our most important challenges.


Continuous Improvement

I’m hardwired with the drive to make things better. I believe we all share that motivation in some magnitude. Above all else, the human condition strives to thrive: to overcome challenges, to best oneself, to enhance one’s strengths, to become a master of one’s intrinsic abilities.



Stories contain the clues to understanding ourselves. We interact with stories every day: in books, in movies, in songs, in newspapers, in our personal conversations, in our own minds. The stories we identify with and tell ourselves shape who we truly are.



We all have inspiration that speaks to us. To make sense of what we do and why we do it, we must appreciate the inspiration that fuels our choices. For me, I’m inspired by those that think differently, live valiantly, speak the truth, and stand for a purpose greater than themselves.