By spirit, I’m a maximizer with an almost ungovernable impulse to make things good, and to make good things better. I aspire to influence others and improve the world by helping to create remarkable content, products, and services. I believe that life’s ripest rewards are reserved for those that explore the unknown, challenge conventional thinking, build relationships, play to their strengths, and hold themselves to the highest standards without any hesitation or compromise.

By skill, I’m a versatile creative professional: editor, producer, strategist, team leader, and writer. I’ve led multi-million dollar web development projects. I’ve recruited, hired, and led high-performing and close-knit production teams. I’ve designed editorial strategies, content development models, collaboration methodologies, and continuous improvement programs. I’ve advised on new product development of media and service types. I curate, produce, and publish quality content. And I experiment with technology and media endlessly.

By desire, I’m an athlete, world traveler, health geek, coffee fanatic, tinkerer, dreamer, and bookworm. I enjoy experiencing life via innovative technologies and progressive media. I believe that the right combination of technology and media can revolutionize business, knowledge, and humanity. Entrepreneurial thinking and adventurous causes inspire me to no end. And I resolve to work with fun, passionate friends who are committed to doing great things.